Shellfishing Regulations
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Recreational Shellfishing Regulations

Quahogs    April 1 - March 31

Limit Not over one ten-quart bucket in any one day and not over 1/2 bushel per week. Quahogs must be 1 inch thick at hinge.

Mussels    April 1 - March 31

Limit One bushel per week.

Eels    April 1 - March 31

Restrictions Can be taken from Madaket ditch by dip net with mesh measuring more than 1 1/2 inches only.

Oyster    September 1 - April 3

Limit Not over 1/2 bushel per week. Oysters must be 3 inches in length.

Scallops   October 1 - March 31 (Wed - Sun only)

Limit One bushel per license per week. Bay scallops must have well defined raised growth line to be legally harvested.

Soft Shell Clams   Sundays March 31 - June 15
         Sundays September 15 - December 15
                                   Saturdays & Sundays December 15 - March 31
                                   Season Closed June 15 - September 15

Limit One ten-quart bucket only in season. Clams must be 2 inches long. Any clams under 2 inches must be replanted, neck upright, and covered with a layer of sand.

Recreational Scalloping Permits

Recreational shellfish permits are issued April 1 - March 31 to coincide with the dates of the scallop season. Permits can be obtained at the Nantucket Marine Department.

Resident Fee - $15
Nonresident Fee - $30

Commercial Scalloping Permits

Commercial scallop season is open November 1 - March 31. The commercial scallop fee is $250.00. For an application, go to the Nantucket Marine Department.

Tides and Weather

See tides and weather information on our information page.

Fishing Locations

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